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Kate guides policy makers and business tycoons to facilitate WELLNESS thru story.  She is the CEO of Sacred Healing Institute, a public storyteller in South Korea.  Kate liberates you, inspires you, and aligns your corporate culture and purpose.

True wealth is inner peace

– Kate Lee 이

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Heal Thru Story

Heal Thru Story

Team can heal, restore balance, gift purpose, and find meaning when done well.  Welcome in. The Just King: The Tibetan Buddhist Classic on Leading an Ethical Life speaks about Leadership, Responsibility, and Power.

‘The author Jamgön Mipham Gyatso (1846–1912) (aka Mipham the Great) was a very influential philosopher and polymath of the Nyingma school of Tibetan Buddhism. He wrote over 32 volumes on topics such as painting, poetics, sculpture, alchemy, medicine, logic, philosophy and tantra.  Mipham’s works are still central to the scholastic curriculum in Nyingma monasteries today. Mipham is also considered one of the leading figures in the Ri-me (non-sectarian) movement in Tibet.’ – Wiki

Kate has been studying and practising his teachings.  She can now bring wealth of knowledge to you in a form of her storytelling that will align your corporate culture with purpose.



Here is a Story


Kate Lee is a natural-born leader. She has an acute ability to gather people together, encouraging dialogue that emphasizes wellness and healing within the corporate culture. With expertise, Kate weaves her understanding of the corporate ethos with her deep knowledge of healing and transformation. She carries the wisdom meant for these times and would be exceptional support for any organization that seeks to create a thriving and healthy workplace environment.

– Dr. Kathleen Kirgin, Depth Psychologist


“The words from heart” was my first thought when I heard Kate speaking, for she speaks from the Space of Heart, making the words magical, filled with the power to rouse that ‘Inner You’ which otherwise might be living in slumber.  She is a purposeful, passionate, inspirational, knowledge-packed leader who turns words into action-based states.

– Nandana Rao, Writer


Kate has a thorough understanding of human psychology at a very deep level. I’ve learned from hearing her speak on the soul, body, and mind health connection and how we, as people, need to improve this to benefit not just ourselves but those around us. She is an expert in my mind.

– Dr. Conor Hogan, Mental Performance Expert


There is always a halo of light around Kate. Her careful way of inserting new ideas makes things smarter for others to understand. There is a clarity about her insights, that brings thoughts into practice, yet allows one to decide how to proceed for the best. It is a blessing to have her on this planet.

– Massimo Mercuri, Co-Founder of AlterContacts


Katherine was an executive in the Stanford LEAD Building Power to Lead course where I served as Course Facilitator and worked directly with her. Her grasp of how to analyze power dynamics in organizations was always strong and reflected her ability apply concepts in the field. Her understanding of course modules, cases and enthusiasm drove conversation with her peers in a very compelling way. It was truly a pleasure working with Katherine.

– Dr. Kevin Williams, Ex-Stanford Graduate School of Business Coach


Kate is inspiring and mission driven, focusing on improving people’s lives. She has a great energy and relentlessness for creating positive impact. Her personal story is impressive and her professional contributions are ready to scale for helping people all around the world. Her leadership is vivid and purposeful. She has helped co-found Match4Action, a global platform to accelerate social impact, and I admire her outstanding work. Some people speak from the heart, Kate speaks from the soul for a better world.

– Helio Mosquim Junior, Stanford Graduate School of Business LEAD Alumni


I had a very insightful consultation with Kate. Her approach is very gentle, soothing and intuitive. She was able to provide clarity and direction that I was seeking in my current stage of life. I was able to connect with her suggestions at a much deeper level. I look forward to subscribing to her course.

– Ankeet Shah, Senior Director at TrustPlutus Wealth Managers

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